Project Coordinator: Mervin Veerasamy 072 741 1239
Project Coordinator: Levina Mthembu 072 053 6749
Project Coordinator: Anusha Bansi 071 576 5722

What we do:

  • We serve breakfast & lunch 5 days a week to school children and vulnerable individuals
  • We run a Women empowerment course where we teach women to bake bread for sustainability & for food security
  • Run a phila mtwana site where we give child vaccines
  • Homework centre on Saturdays
  • Adoption of families in need - we provide food to certain families from some retailers
  • Soup on wheels - we feed Gogos who are can't make it to the centre - twice or thrice a week

How the Orphan Fund helps:

  • The Orphan Fund provides food vouchers quarterly

How you can help:

  • Donate food for our breakfast & lunch feeding programmes - cereals, porridge, milk, peanut butter, jam, custard, rice, oil, sugar, grain, meat, etc.
  • Donate secondhand furniture, cutlery, crockery, pots, and other kitchen utensils and furniture
  • Donate gas - we use 48kg of gas a month
  • Another major need is for a vehicle.  It will help us collect sell-by date foods, and our food parcels, and to transport the sick & elderely to clinics or the hospital, and children to and from school. Donate funds to buy a vehicle

How You Can Help

There are many ways in which you can help the operation of this programe